June 27, 2013

One of the key mandates of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or “Obamacare” as the law is commonly known, is the creation of health insurance exchanges in each state. The intention of these exchanges is to give individuals and small businesses a means for buying affordable health insurance. With the October 1st launch date for the new health care exchanges fast approaching, business owners should be aware of the financial and tax implications related to them. Here are some important highlights of the new health insurance mandates to help your business plan ahead.

    1. Employ 25 or fewer employees making an average of $50,000 a year or less
    2. Pay at least 50% of full-time employees' premium costs
    3. Buy insurance through the SHOP

Starting in 2014, the tax credit is worth up to 50% of your contribution toward employees' premium costs (up to 35% for tax-exempt employers) and is only available to companies purchasing health insurance through the SHOP marketplace.

As you can see, the introduction of government health insurance exchanges will have important implications for business owners. If you have questions about the tax implications of the new health insurance mandates on your business, please give us a call. In addition to the information we’ve provided, you may want to learn more at

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